18 Years has created a step by step formula that synergistically integrates scientific, psychological and spiritual systems to unlock unconscious levels of genius.
NBC Celebs, World- Champions,  Digital Celebs, 9 figure CEO’s, Royalty & now you...

(Mental Performance Expert: Trainer/Speaker/Mentor - Andy Murphy)

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What if you already new the formula to switch on your own genius?

Imagine if you were able to step into an ocean of creativity to solve any business challenge. Light up a deep level of focus and action that only 1% of people on earth can. Have complete control of your emotions to become world-class on stage, a sale or business merger.

How would it feel to wake up everyday and have the cutting edge system to fire up total confidence, drive and hyper intelligence. Think about your business and it’s challenges right now. Would this ability change your life?

You are so much more than you can even comprehend. You are limitless. You are already a Genius. Now it is time to discover how the 1% become and stay that way by untapping the pure potential that is waiting to be unlocked inside of you, no matter what level of the game you are at. In a dip or kicking ass. There is always the next level of achievement.



World's top Health & Nutrition Expert. Multiple time guest on Joe Rogan Podcast Guest.  NY Times best seller

Mindset is everything. After competing for over 10 years as an athlete in some of the world’s toughest endurance events, I know for sure that you can have all the physical preparation you need, but if you have not worked as hard on your mindset then you will never be able to create consistency or go as hard as you need to when the going gets very hard. So I use Andy’s NLP anchoring system during the toughest moments of my races to give me that explosion of belief and acceleration in the most painful moments of pressure. If you want to create world-class motivation and mental performance that translates to physical performance, Andy is your man


Winner of NBC's TV Show: Last Comic Standing . Multiple time guest on Joe Rogan Podcast

“At first I thought Andy had superpowers then I learned NLP is science. I used Andy to get me ready for a big TV shoot I was doing. I wanted to make sure I didn’t get in my own way. The day of the shoot I was calm and confident. I also use his techniques every-time I walk out on stage and it has changed my mental state 100%. If you have ONE big day or Everyday stuff. Andy is your guy.”


CEO and Founder: Amazing.com & Worlds Leading Amazon
Training System

Andy has been a total life saver for me. As my business has been exploding the added stress of managing its growth, new staffing, maintaining a loving family and a healthy lifestyle has been much more of a struggle then I anticipated. Andy gets me grounded, brings my focus back to the important things by putting matters in the proper perspective. The wonderful thing is it is not just surface level, but he gets at the core of the issues, gives you the techniques and guidance to deal with them and helps you emerge as a better you. If you feel like the world is coming at you from all directions, and you are spinning your wheels not dealing with it nearly as effective as you should, you absolutely want to get Andy Murphy involved in your life


The FIreMind Experience gives the exact science, techniques and tactics developed 19 years for entrepreneurs of any level, in any industry, who are striving for greatness.

The FireMind Morning(Brain Re-Wiring Hypnosis & NLP Audio)


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In today’s world society is so caught up on the external. New skill sets, the latest funnel tactics, different ways to advertise, making sure your website has all the bells and whistles. Is this important? 100%, but it is only one part of the equation for ultimate growth and success. 

MOVIE: The Science Of Performance

Let me show you a different way and give you some powerful motivation and understanding into why you think, feel and act the way you do and how to gain complete control of your mind, emotions and who you step into being in your business, life and relationships.


Do you want to build yourself into the ultimate performing entrepreneur. Well, this does not happen by accident. The 8-Figure Thinker is what I really believe is the most complete certification and training system for completely rewiring who you are in every area of business. 


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18 years ago Andy left Liverpool in the
UK to Australia

Connecting with a mentor, who showed him how to use NLP and Psychology in investment real-estate sales and helped him become the one of the top performer in Australia. Head hunted to New Zealand, Andy really excelled and again became top performer in New Zealand for multiple different companies.

Until, one day a friend brought a newspaper clipping from Dubai showing the “the world wide property fair” after connecting with a new business partner; at the age of 27 he started a development company to build a$100 million resort in the Fiji.

After coming back from New Zealand and after taking the project to Dubai. 2008 appeared and the property market turned and Andy’s business partner stole funds and sent him into a nervous breakdown and bankruptcy.

Taking that wisdom, skill and strength he re-built and is recognised as a one of the top Mental Performance Experts in the world with so many high level private clients such as...

Representing Forbes in the coaching council as a Mental Performance Expert. Andy works with
the best in the world in Internet marketing, Network marketing, Forex trading, Amazon, World-champion athletes, MMA champions, special force commandos, 8 figure Entrepreneurs and CEO’s, Hollywood TV and Film producers, Hollywood actors, and even Royal Family…

Andy now assists personal clients who are under the highest amount of pressure to perform by scientifically re-training their mindset to scale their thinking and therefore performance. This guarantees results like you have never experienced focusing on 7&8 Figure CEO's, Hedge Funds, Forex/Stock Trading, IPO, Venture Capital, Tech,Internet marketers, E-sports, Real Estate.



Celebrity Photographer to Usher, Justin Bieber, Jessica Alba & more..

Over the years I have photographed for some of the biggest brands from Nike to Coca-cola and photographed celebrities like Justin Bieber, Jessica Alba, Usher and more. Photography is about problem solving, and while it may look glamorous it always requires peak state performance as it’s absolutely a high pressure moment driven profession. Andy has been helping me to create triggers to optimize my peak creativity states not only in my work but in my personal life. The more I fall in love with neuroscience, the more I’m realizing how much NLP can be used to take my life, creativity and performance to the next level. Beyond his coaching, Andy is an all around great human. He really cares about the well being of his friends and clients.


One of the World’s leading
network marketers

When I started coaching with Andy I didn’t really know what the next step was for me in my life. I had some dreams floating at the back of my head and had just experienced a massive growth in my business, but still on a quest for more. Andy has helped me to clarify my thoughts and feelings, begin to plan my journey and develop the best version of myself. He has equipped me with the tools I need to establish a more self assured voice and become more grounded. Within three months I’ve had powerful transformations of my mindset that has resulted in being calmer, learning to feel and go with my intuition and be more at peace with my choices. My heart is grateful to the entire universe for this amazing opportunity to have met you and to help me to become an even more fulfilled woman


One of the World's leading
female traders & Investor

His unique character and insane Intuitiveness was what led me to want to work with him. He understands peak performance in the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical term. Nothing gets passed Andy no matter what, and he picks up on things that I would never have dreamt of before. He’s helped me work through some extremely pressurised events in my life and has helped me push through some mental and emotional barriers to get my success to the highest level is has reached to date!! Not only is he one of the funkiest people I’ve ever met, the fact that he was an athlete, gives him an edge that no other peak performance consultant has got. 

RE-WIRE & UPGRADE: 8 levels for a supercharged brain

(Start Here To Become The Top 1% Performer You)


(Discover my 8 Levels for explosion for your Brand, Money & Brain)